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Client: Porsgrunn Porselen
Task: Identity / Exhibit

Porsgrunn Porselen is the Norwegian equivalent of Royal Copenhagen and has set the table in thousands of Norwegian homes over the last century. We have developed a visual identity based on Porsgrunn Porselen’s logo and their characteristic straw pattern. It contains a historical reference, is significant, and gives room for the physical objects of the exhibition.

The strategy for the visual communication of the museum is to establish a salient identity framework, which can position the museum as a modern facilitator of a proud Norwegian cultural history.


In addition to the typography, colors and photos, we used the Porsgrunn patterns and the iconic products in developing the identity.


Icons and patterns establish familiarity and express short stories within the digital installations of the exhibition, on the walls, and in the overall promotion.

Working with an aesthetic and classic theme such as china as a designer has been a complete pleasure. We spent a lot of time in the preliminary research on various patterns in order to define a tone that can give the visual identity of the museum a voice while exhibiting the Porsgrunn china.

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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