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Narvik Sentret

Client → The Narvik War & Peace Centre
Task → Strategy / Identity

Narviksenteret - the Narvik Centre - is a North Norwegian foundation that focuses on peacebuilding and anti-discrimination through the dissemination of knowledge about war, conflicts and human nature. Based in Narvik in Northern Norway, the centre works to shed light on, study and understand the mechanisms of war and peace.

We have been responsible for developing the centre’s branding strategy and visual identity. NarvikSenteret wishes to make the world a better place and has an important message to convey. The centre tells the story of war and peace; about disagreements that escalate into conflicts, and about conflict and hate transforming into reconciliation and love.

The goal was to give the centre a clear and distinct voice and a modern communication approach that highlights the fundamental mechanisms of conflict and the differences that spark them, but also how we break down barriers to foster peace through understanding.

Being given the opportunity to work with an organization that champions the cause of peace just makes sense. It’s that simple. And when at the same time we are talking about an organization that boldly dares take its creative development to the limit with a view to creating a common internal understanding of the organization’s purpose, it all just becomes even more meaningful.

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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