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Narvik War Museum

Client: Narvik
Task: Identity / Exhibit

Narvik War Museum presents an exhibition about one of the largest naval battles of World War II. More than 8,000 people died and 64 ships sank. The Museum concentrates on the battle for iron ore and the occupation of Norway, using this principal focus to shed light on some of the issues associated with war, conflict and human rights.

The visual identity of the exhibition was inspired by the graphic expression of wartime, underpinned by typographical concepts that guide the viewer through the various stories.

The visual identity has lent the War Museum a distinct, clear voice, which, in tandem with the spatial concepts, makes the Museum’s displays fascinating and forward-looking.

To help convey such a fascinating, yet grim story as the battle in Narvik Fjord was incredibly exciting, and working with such a committed team only served to enhance that excitement. The exhibition puts the present into perspective and, in the light of history, encourages us to look with new eyes at the tensions the world faces today.

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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