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Machine Dear Vinyl

Client: Machine Dear
Task: Vinyl cover art

'Machine, dear’s' debut album "Killing something that’s already dead" explores, on various levels, the relationship between technology and humanity. The lyrics of the album revolve first and foremost around the significance land reclamation by technological means has for human relations, while the album’s songwriting explores the possibilities presented by music technology. The album's six tracks are the product of a focused effort to design - not to compose or produce, but design - an attempt at a modern pop album.

The visual concept reflects the meeting between the mechanical and the organic. The concept echoes the experience of the many layers which can be heard in ‘Machine, dears’ experimental and meticulously designed musical universe. The record itself is wrapped in a discobag which sits inside a transparent PVC sleeve. Both the discobag and the PVC sleeve are printed with a pattern consisting of lines which are repeated based on the same basic form, producing a vibrating effect - a visual representation of the music.

The pattern on the discobag is printed in positive, while the pattern on the PVC sleeve is printed in negative. When the discobag is removed from the PVC sleeve, the staggering of the two patterns creates constant changes to the appearance of the pattern. The pattern creates a vibrating effect which challenges the viewer’s visual perception. The EP is pressed on white vinyl.

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