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Client: Koldinghus
Task: Strategy / Identity / Exhibit

The museum at Koldinghus is passionate about making guests excited and getting them involved. The new brand strategy and visual identity supports their vision in that the guests must feel and see the charisma and history of the castle – not least to give them another perspective on their own lives.

The new logo of Koldinghus is designed with a reference to the landmark of the castle, the giant tower, coat of arms, and royal crown. The mode of expression is simple and consistent with rigorous geometry. The color palette is based on clear contrasting colors with a reference to the red walls of the castle and the royal color. 

We have created a brand-platform that accentuates the royal roots of the castle with visual elegance and a certain edge, while simultaneously bringing it into a modern era. The guests should remember Koldinghus not just as a place where history is told, but where it also becomes a part of their lives.

The visual identity has a vibrant and vivacious expression which maintains its firmness and precision. It supports the icons that are used on both signs and websites.

Koldinghus is one of the oldest royal castles in Denmark. It burned down in 1808, but after a thorough restoration design by Exner, it was opened again in the late 1980s. A unique construction that lets the past speak and the present live. A true dream assignment for an old native from Kolding!

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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