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Client: Kattegatcentret
Task: Strategy / Identity / Exhibit / Print / Campaign

With a new brand strategy and visual identity, the future of Kattegatcentret has set sail under the headline ”Bitten by the ocean!”. In collaboration with Kattegatcenteret, we have found a unique voice that can speak in favor of the ocean. It is a voice that, with humor, catching fascination and surprising edge, provides insight about the wonderful world of the ocean and its importance to all life on earth to the audience. 


Kattegatcenteret manages to translate what most people find fascinating, but only a few understand. They are the ‘translators of the ocean’ and can tell you whether jellyfish can think or if the male seahorse is the one who gets pregnant. They even know the exact number of bones in the most vicious shark.

A visit gives the guests an opportunity to dive beneath the surface and experience a magical and wondrous world. The visual expression is like a coral reef – an experience of many colors filled with all kinds of creatures and stories.

We developed various icons for the identity, all in a unique mode of expression that tells little stories about life in and around the ocean. The icons make for ”the language of the ocean” and entail playful and accessible communication.

The journey with Kattegacenteret is a study of how getting the dedicated employees of the organization involved leads to finding the personality and drivers of a brand. The strong and authentic brand of Kattegatcenteret depends on the unique knowledge of the employees.

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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