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Client: Hounö
Task: Strategy / Identity / Exhibit

Let's bring people to the table… to celebrate, party, chat, converse, flirt, reconcile, reminisce and have fun. On the basis of thorough research and development workshops, we have created a brand universe, in which the main priority is to spotlight the difference an oven makes for people.

Hounö aims to create unforgettable culinary and gastronomic experiences. This company produces ovens for some of the leading restaurants in the world and sees itself as a gatekeeper for a universe, in which cooking is a focal point for magical moments of taste, craftsmanship, joy, expertise and togetherness – an opportunity to bring people closer together in the hope of creating a better world.

HOUNÖ employs a broad palette of colours, inspired by the light of Scandinavia. The aim is to invest the brand with warmth and distinctive features. That means that HOUNÖ will also stand out in no uncertain terms from its competitors.

The visual identity has a vibrant and vivacious expression which maintains its firmness and precision. It supports the icons that are used on both signs and websites.

When professional competencies come together, unite and lead to creativity, the result is pure magic. Watching a dedicated team of chefs, working together and getting nerdy with engineers in an attempt to discover how to get an oven to produce the perfect croissant, is incredibly fascinating and educational.  

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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