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Client → Hjejleselskabet
Task → Strategy / Identity / Exhibit

We have been responsible for redefining and repositioning one of the oldest Danish shipping companies and most famous tourist icons, Hjejleselskabet.

In close collaboration with the company’s executives and a selected team of stakeholders, we facilitated strategic workshops and a design process, to create a clear, focused brand story about Hjejleselskabet: its history and its ambitions to continue as a dynamic experience company.

The logo consists of the H, the bird, the wave and the circle, each emphasizing different aspects of the legacy and work of the company.

The elements are joined in a round stamp like logomark framing the company's 150-year long history in a contemporary expression.

The goal is to create unforgettable experiences - the kind of experiences, in which people enjoy a profound sense of calm and presence. This is at the very heart of people's enthusiasm for Hjejlen and the whole Silkeborg Lake District. It is what we call memories in the making.

Ever since we started OddFischlein our own visual identity has been coloured by fishermen, fish and every kind of ocean-related graphic under the sun. Our graphic DNA is fundamentally maritime. So getting the opportunity to devise a brand for one of the oldest shipping companies in Denmark has been a total pleasure. 

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