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Client: Aarhus School of Architect
Task:  Editorial / Print

From 2013 - 2015 Drawing of the Year focused on hand drawing as a celebration of the architect's oldest tool. However, this year the competition took a new direction. Drawing of the Year 2016 wanted to challenge the perception of the digital drawing as being either technical or formulaic exploring the digital drawing as a media for creative artistic development. 

This year's exhibition presented a curated selection of 365 drawings submitted by students from 64 countries; a total of 100 execellent drawings were chosen for this book.


The concept of the book is a digital and modern approach to the classical virtues of architectural drawings. The visual expression resides in the Aarhus School of Design's design line. With a distinctly orange pantone color, the publication gets an identity that vibrates between the attention-intensive and delicate.

Drawings by → 1. Marten Herma Anderson → 2. Anna Kononova → 3. Georgia McCole → 4. Peter Hougaard

Besides developing a new visual identity, we have contributed with exhibition concepts and publications for the School of Architecture in Aarhus. It was an inspiring cooperation where we gained insight into the minds of the architects of tomorrow.

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