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Danish Diabetes Academy

Client: Danish Diabetes Academy
Task:  Strategy / Identity / Editorial

Danish Diabetes Academy facilitates the finest research within diabetes. They work to create professional communities for young diabetes researchers – dynamic environments with an epicenter of knowledge sharing, collaborative publication, and networking events. The goal is to raise the academic level among young diabetes researchers.


We have developed a brand strategy and a dynamic identity that is based on the international symbol for diabetes: the blue circle. The brand system carries connotations to networks and microscopy – an innovative expression that will attract the very best researchers and thereby ensure new and impactful research findings that will improve the quality of life for both patients and relatives.    

Den blå cirkel, det universelle
symbol for diabetes

Danish Diabetes Academy regularly publishes research. Here, the visual profile gives the material an invigorating breath of fresh air.

The visual identity makes it possible to communicate complex information in a clear and precise visual language. Hereby, Danish Diabetes Academy gets a modern and innovative voice within the research field.

Working with a serious and respected player within diabetes research gives our work an extra dimension. The fact that our work contributes to strengthening DDA’s project and thereby diabetes research on a global scale makes it even more meaningful.

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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