Other Projects

Aktiv Året Rundt 2016

Client: UC SYD, Aktiv Året Rundt
Task: Campaign identity, Concept

With the theme of ‘Use the Ball’, OddFischlein helped inspire more than 375,000 children to have fun while being active during this year’s ‘The Schools Health Weeks’. The campaign targets primary school children and is the brainchild of the organisation, Aktiv Året Rundt (UC SYD).


"The Schools health weeks" is a concept for primary schools in Denmark which takes place in week 39 to 41. The concept highlights health and exercise in a fun and educational way. After 10 years it has now become a regular tradition.

Over the years, OddFischlein has helped increase the number of participants in the campaign from 10,000 to 375,000. We will be no less ambitious in the coming years, when even more children will romp around and get healthier.

If you are interested in further details about the case concact 
Gudjon F. Oddsson, Founding Partner.

One of the mainstays of our successful collaboration has been our close discussion with UC SYD when developing the concept. It’s all about coming up with fun, inspirational ideas to motivate and involve the pupils, while honouring the educational requirements of the primary schools.

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