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Aarhus School of Architecture

Client: Aarhus School of Architecture
Task: Identity / Exhibit / Print

The School of Architecture in Aarhus is a guarantor of educating the very best architects through its high level of academic professionalism and community involvement. It is an institution imbued with striving to perform at the highest possible level and make a difference in the society that the school itself is a part of – both locally and globally.

The new visual identity of the school makes for a charismatic and brave institution that can stand firm without standing still. It is a school that simultaneously aims high and communicates at eye-level with its surroundings.

A salient and resolute identity has given the School of Architecture in Aarhus an opportunity to position itself as forward-looking rather than classic, as a school that wants to change tomorrow with today in mind.

Besides developing a new visual identity, we have contributed with exhibition concepts and publications for the School of Architecture in Aarhus. It was an inspiring cooperation where we gained insight into the minds of the architects of tomorrow.

If you are interested in further details about the case contact Klaus Matthiesen, founding partner.

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